The Virtual Agent

Looking for a reliable platform
to perform deed searches?
The Virtual Agent is your
one-stop-shop for property


The Virtual Agent gives you ACCESS to the all the deed information you need as a real estate agent!

An innovative CRM system that
gives you access to current and
up-to date deeds information.
Access deeds information via our
latest Property Reports, making
canvassing faster and easier.
Managing your real estate clients
from first contact to final sale has
never been more ecient.

What Is The Virtual Agent?

The Virtual Agent is simple and user-friendly. Our mobile
tool makes your life a lot easier with quick, easy and
accessible searches. Find the properties you need on any
device at any time, wherever you are! For your peace of
mind, it’s all in line with the POPI Act.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will need either an ID number or an address & can access various online systems such as The Virtual Agent in order to find the owner of a property in South Africa. You are only able to access such systems if you are a Registered Real Estate agent with a valid FFC certificate.

You can either go to the relevant deed office or access various online systems available to Property Professionals which will assist you in canvassing your area.

You can sign up as a Sole Proprietor or a Company, however you will need your valid FFC reference number in order to gain access to The Virtual Agent

The Virtual Agent - One of South Africa's top platforms for deeds & property information

What Our Clients Have To Say

Being able to access meaningful, comprehensive and
up-to-date contact and property information is a key issue for
the professionals in this industry,” says Davies. “We tested
Virtual Agent across a broad cross section of our franchisees
and agents, and it passed with flying colours as regards to the
accuracy of data delivery. When you add the speed of the
system, the practical interface, the support team’s
understanding of our business, and their willingness to adapt
the system to the needs of top agents, the net result is a
compelling offering.
Barry Davies - Director of Franchising, Chas Everitt

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