Fica Portal

Secure Real Estate Transactions

Our FICA Portal enhances real estate transaction security, integrating FICA compliance seamlessly into your CRM for safe, lawful property transactions.

Simple and Safe

Automated Client Portal

Branded Welcome

Your clients will enjoy a seamless, professional brand experience from start to finish.

Client Check and Confirm

Simply confirm the information. If changes are required, your client may take appropriate action.

Client Document Upload

Your client can upload documents for fraud assessments and FICA checks.

Security at the Forefront

Compliant and Trustworthy Operations

Offering peace of mind

Compliance Made Easy: Automates FICA documentation and checks, simplifying legal compliance.

Trust and Confidence: Builds trust among buyers and sellers, enhancing your brand's reputation.


Automated FICA Verification: Streamlines the collection and verification of FICA documents, reducing manual errors and saving time.

Comprehensive Reporting: Offers detailed reports on verification processes and fraud attempts, allowing for better risk management.