Fraud Assessments

Secure Real Estate Transactions

Ensure secure real estate transactions with our advanced fraud detection integrated into your CRM, enhancing transaction security and facilitating safe property dealings.

Security at the Forefront

Compliant and trustworthy operations


Robust Secure Transactions

Comprehensive Protection: Utilises cutting-edge technology to detect and prevent fraud.

Trust and Reliability: Builds confidence among users by ensuring a secure platform for all transactions.


Real-Time Fraud Detection: Employs algorithms to analyse transactions for suspicious activities, offering immediate alerts.

Detailed Reporting: Generates reports on attempted fraud, helping you as the real estate agent understand your clients patterns and bolster defences.

Feel Assurance

One Click Automated Risk Profiling

Low Risk
Secure And Smooth

Instant Peace of Mind. Streamlining your process for quick, confident transactions.

Minimising False Positives

Risk assessment has found moderate data warnings, reducing unnecessary alarms

Engage With Awareness

Signaling potential risks that warrant closer attention from detailed data analysis.

Critical Awareness

Amber signifies high-risk alerts . Our CRM equips you with comprehensive, real-time insights.

Extreme Caution

Unparalleled protection to secure your business from the most intelligent fraud attempts


Secure Trust Across Channels

Identity Validation
  • ID Document Validation
  • Address Validation
  • Banking Authentication
Fraud Checks and KYC
  • Fraud Prevention Model
  • PEP and Sanctions watch list checks
  • Adverse Media checks
Digital Identity Veritification
  • Facial Recognition
  • ID and Photo checks
  • Phone Number Risk
  • Email Verification
Stepped Up Authentication
  • Knowledge Based Authentication
  • Proof of Address Authentication
  • Income Authentication

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