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Know Your Customer

Transforming Client Relationships

Transform your approach and lead with intelligence. Ready to redefine your business connections? We're here to make it happen. Leveraging our unique features: ID number searches, company and address searches, Insightful person & company details, propensity to buy and sell analysis, suburb attractiveness evaluations, and living standards measure insights.


How you connect with clients

Deeper Client Connections

Explore an innovative approach to customer relations with The Virtual Agent. Boost your engagement using key tools like propensity to buy, suburb attractiveness, living standards measure, along with personalised birthday reminders and move-in anniversary reminders. Enhance your interactions by merging technology with a human touch.

Build on Trust

Foster trust among clients by simplifying the POPIA consent process. Agents verify clients who are validated, while those who have submitted their FICA details and documents through our consent portal are recognized as having obtained consent.

Effortless Client Integrations

Transform your day with the ultimate ease of scheduling: Introducing our groundbreaking solution that flawlessly integrates your calendar with Gmail, while effortlessly organizing all your events and meetings. Say goodbye to the hassle and hello to innovation.